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Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale

Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale
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    Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale

    Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale

    Product Introduction

    1.The high potential therapy device simulates and rebuilds the natural electric filed mainly through the high potential, negative potential, anion, and intermediate frequency potential. Through such method, it helps you to repair body disorders and obstacles that are brought about by the destruction of natural environment.
    2.The device can change the alternating current to form the AC high voltage alternating electric field. Under the function of the alternating electric field, subtle vibration will occur to any body part of the user, balancing the body tissues and organs as well as improving the intrinsic natural healing capacity. As a result, the effectively activated cells and the enhanced nerve conduction function will promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis, achieving the curative effect on the chronic constipation.
    3.Moreover, the high potential therapy device can promote the blood circulation,active collateral,alleviare il dolore, etc. It also offers an effective solution to the neurasthenia, such as headache,insomnia, and so on.

    Theraputic efficiacy

    1. Active cell, promote metabolism.

    2. Purify blood and promote blood circulation

    3. Adjust vegetative nerve

    4. Improve the natural healing capacity


    1.The high potential therapy device is a multifunctional machine that can simulate and rebuild the natural electric field.

    2.Plentiful anions can compensate the anions deficiency in the natural environment.

    3.The device can intelligently change the input voltage and output waveform, or intelligently change the multi-waveforms.

    4.It has equipped with the over temperature protection device and output voltage stabilizer.

    5.No output current security technology is required.

    6.It is applicable for both whole body treatment and local treatment.

    7.The humanized design is applied for the touch panel, with voice guide instruction. 8.During the treatment, shift and time can be adjusted at any time.

    9.Auto power-off technology is used.

    10.The high potential therapy device has luxurious appearance with ABS engineering plastic.

    Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale

    Main Technical Index

    AC 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
    Input Power
    Fuse Wire
    High potential output voltage
    5000V 7000V 9000V
    High potential output Frequency
    Negative potential output voltage
    5000V 6000V 7000V
    Negative potential output frequency
    High frequency output voltage
    High frequency output frequency
    80 KHz
    Output concentration of negative tons
    ≥10 million /cm³
    LED Digital Screen
    Default treatment time
    Treatment timing method
    all the functions except the sleeping function, applying the timing method such as count down
    Timing range
    the maximum timing fir the sleeping function is 12 hours
    Other functions
    the maximum timing is 90 minutes
    Timing method
    10minutes per shift
    Overall dimension
    Big one: 370*300*510mm
    Gross Weight

    The high potential therapy machine is a revolutionary device that has gained popularity in the healthcare industry. It utilizes advanced technology to improve the overall well-being of individuals. In this article, we will explore the history, working principles, vantaggi, fasi di utilizzo, pubblico di destinazione, and application industries of the high potential therapy machine.

    Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale


    The high potential therapy machine, also known as the high voltage therapy machine, was first introduced in the early 20th century. It originated from the research and development of electrotherapy, which has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions. Col tempo, con i progressi tecnologici, the high potential therapy machine was further enhanced to provide more effective and efficient results.

    Working Principles

    The high potential therapy machine operates based on the principles of high voltage therapy. It generates a high-frequency electric field that permeates the body, stimulating the cells and tissues. This stimulation promotes blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and improves the overall function of organs in the body. The machine also produces negative ions, which help balance the positive and negative charges within the body, restoring the body’s energy balance.


    1.Enhances blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body

    2.Boosts metabolism and improves digestion

    3.Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue

    4.Relieves pain and reduces inflammation

    5.Strengthens the immune system and enhances overall health

    6.Promotes relaxation and stress reduction

    7.Improves sleep quality

    8.Accelerates the body’s natural healing process

    9.Non-invasive and drug-free therapy

    Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale

    Passaggi di utilizzo

    The high potential therapy machine is simple to use and can be operated in the following

    steps: 1.Connect the machine to a power source

    2.Set the desired intensity and treatment time

    3.Lie or sit comfortably on the treatment mat or chair

    4.Ensure proper contact between the body and the treatment surface

    5.Start the therapy session and relax

    6.Follow the recommended treatment duration

    7.Turn off the machine after the session is complete


    Pubblico target

    The high potential therapy machine is beneficial for a wide range of individuals, Compreso: 1.People with chronic pain conditions

    2.Those looking to enhance their overall health and well-being

    3.Athletes and fitness enthusiasts for recovery and performance enhancement

    4.Individuals with sleep disorders or insomnia

    5.People experiencing stress, anxiety, or fatigue

    Industrie applicative

    La macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale trova applicazioni in vari settori,


    1.Hospitals and healthcare facilities

    2.Wellness centers and spas

    3.Rehabilitation and physical therapy clinics

    4.Sports and fitness centers

    5.Home-based personal health management

    Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale



    In conclusion, the high potential therapy machine offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking a natural and non-invasive approach to improve their health and well-being. Its historical roots in electrotherapy and advanced working principles make it an effective device for various applications. Come fornitori professionali di macchine per terapia ad alta tensione, grossisti, e produttori, we provide door-to-door delivery services via air and sea freight.

    If you are a practitioner, distributore locale, or direct sales professional interested in our devices or seeking local distributor pricing, vi preghiamo di contattarci via e-mail, WhatsApp, or leave a message.

    Macchina terapeutica ad alto potenziale

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